Mobile Phones- A Blessing Or A Curse?

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Published: 30th September 2010
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At present there are almost 4.6 mobile phones subscribers all across the world. The number is kept on increasing day by day and according to many records by the end of this year it will surpass 5 billion. Mobile phones are the fastest medium of communication and have completely replaced the conventional methods of communication. Since the invention of the mobile, no doubt the life of people have completely changed. It has become very easy for the people to get connected with each other regardless of the distance. But, nowadays mobile phones are not only used for its basic use of communication, but are also used for entertainment as well as a style and status symbol.There are many mobile phone subscribers that use this useful device at the extent of addiction. Due to which many health hazards have been found in them like lack of concentration, insomnia, depression and many more. Many studies are ongoing to find out the short term as well as long term effects of prolong use of mobile phones on user's health. Although, at present no severe health problems have been established for mobile phone users but the number of road accidents have been increased a lot in last few years. Many people used to talk over mobile phones while driving and many a times meet drastic road accidents.

A mobile phone works on radio frequencies which are basically consider medically harmful for human beings. So if a person is in continuous contact of such waves, it will surely harm him. Radio waves are the main reason for several kind of tumors and cancers, hence if you do not want to take any kind of risk regarding your health then use this useful device sensibly. They say, "the excess of anything is not good" so be conscious enough and don't compromise over your health deliberately.

Let this amazing device a blessing for you and don't turn it into long time curse for yourself.

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